Lk21 Rebahin is an online streaming movie app to watch movies or series freely. You can find as many movie titles as you want in this app and watch them anytime.

This app offers speedy access without buffering so you can enjoy watching movies or series without any disturbance. So, here are things you need to know about lk21 Rebahin:

1. Provide Thousands of Titles of Movies and Series

This is the best app for you who likes movie marathons. You can find hundreds to thousands of series titles from a wide range of genres. So, you will not miss any episodes of your favorite series.

Here, you will find movies or series from Korea, China, Box Office movies, as well as Indonesian TV series. You will never run out of choices in this app.

2. Easy Download Feature

In this app, you will find the download option easily. Moreover, there will be no extra charge if you download a movie from this app. Every title is available for download.

Thus, you can watch the movie later. Furthermore, you can build your own movie library you can use for the movie marathon. All you need to prepare is just an internet connection and storage to store the downloaded file.

3. Wide Range of Genre

Lk21 Rebahin provides a wide range of genres. After you login into the web or app, you will find genres from action, drama, science fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery, thriller, romance, and comedy.

This genre has hundreds of titles you can choose from. Furthermore, this app also provides a trailer button under the movie poster for you to sneak a peek at the movie. You are free to decide whether to download it or not.

4. Suitable for Mobile Version

Not only suitable for PC but also mobile. So, you can download lk21 on your smartphone and watch movies from your mobile device. Thus, you don’t have to go to the browser to watch the movie that you want.

You can always log on to the app via the home screen on your smartphone and search for your favorite title. This gives you more pleasure because watching movies from a smartphone is more comfortable than watching them on a PC.

5. Routine Notification and Update

Lk21 is a modification app and normally you will find updates and notifications. This app will give you a direct notification to move to another web address should the old one get banned by the government.

The notification makes you aware of where to watch so you don’t get lost or stuck in the old web. However, you need to make sure you access this web through a separate device using special emails to avoid security risks.

Additionally, every movie and series on this web is supported with Indonesian subtitles. So, if you don’t understand Korean, Chinese, or English, you can still enjoy the storyline because you have the subtitles.

The next best thing about this website is that you can watch all movies and series for free. Hence, you don’t have to pay a subscription fee, pay an in-app purchase, or pay a download fee. Lk21 Rebahin guarantees that every title is free to watch and download.